Hawaii Answers TWO of My Questions

Today was a landmark day in my search. Hawaii has answered two of the questions I originally asked.

1) WHO was responsible for ensuring that our presidential candidate's were eligible?

For the Republicans, the answer to that question is 1) John Boehner, Chairman of the Republican National Convention, 2) Jean A. Inman, Secretary of the Republican National Convention, and 3) Willes K. Lee, Chairman of the Republican Party of Hawaii.

For the Democrats, it was 1) Nancy Pelosi, Chair of the Democratic National Convention, 2) Alice Travis Germond, Secretary of the Democratic National Convention 3) Brian E. Schatz, Chair of the Democratic Party of Hawaii, and 4) Lynne Matusow, Secretary of the Democratic Party of Hawaii.

2) WHEN was the final determination regarding the presidential candidates eligibility made?

For the Republicans, the date was September 4th, 2008.

For the Democrats, the date was the 28th of August.

This only leaves us with one final question to answer:

3) WHAT EVIDENCE did the candidates provide to the above named officials which allowed a determination of eligibility to be made? At least we know who to ask!

I've attached the documents for you to review, and wish to express again my thanks for Hawaiian officials, who have been more than helpful during my correspondence with them.

Hawaii - Dems and Repubs Say Constitutionally Eligible

Read the Constitution!