BIG TIP - Commission on Presidential Debates

Today I received the following document from an anonymous tipster who only wanted to be known as "super sleuth from Florida". If you scroll down to the bottom of page 1, you'll see how important this document is. It's only the 2nd document I've seen where an entity other than the candidate himself states that the candidate is Constitutionally eligible. In this case, the Commission of Presidential Debates says that before any candidate can be eligible to debate, he/she have to prove to CPD that they meet the Constitutional requirements. Here's the document, followed by the letter I wrote the Executive Director.

Commission on Presidential Debates

Ms. Brown,

On your web page (http://www.debates/org/pages/candsel2008.html) it says that "the CPD will apply three criteria to each declared candidate to determine whether that candidate qualifies for inclusion in one or more of the CPD's debates." Could you help me better understand how that process works?

What I'm most interested in is how the CPD determines whether or not a candidate is Constitutionally eligible. The site says that the candidate has to meet the requirements of Article II, Section I of the Constitution - I'm wondering what documentation the candidate has to present to the CPD in order for the CPD to confirm the candidate has met the requirements, and is therefore eligible to debate.

Any and all documentation you have regarding this process and the procedures around it would be gratefully accepted - and a list of the documents the candidate must present to the CPD would be the most helpful, if you can release it.

Thank you for your time, and for your willingness to help at the beginning of this New Year.

Your Fellow Citizen,
Justin W. Riggs

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