What Does it Mean? Who Knows - Ask the next logical question...

Somebody on a forum asked what I thought it meant that Joe Patterson said he didn't send the email contained in the Wikileaks Podesta emails. Here's what I told him:

"I think Joe Patterson told me he didn’t send the email.
I was involved for awhile in researching the Barack Obama eligibility issue and one thing I always tried to be clear on: you stick to what you know, then ask the next logical question regarding what you don’t know.
In this case, if Joe truly didn’t send that email (which I’m trying to confirm by providing him the link and text of the email, to see if it jogs his memory), the next logical question to me would be: who did?
You can download the source of the email from Wikileaks, and it provides all kinds of information about who it was sent from, where it was routed, etc. I’m an IT guy, but not qualified to interpret all the information contained in that source (at this point). I do find it interesting that one of the IPs – the one listed as (sender IP is – is Microsoft Hosting based out of San Antonio, Texas (see screenshot). I don’t know anything about where Scalia died, but I do know it was in TX…
My point is, speculating is fun. Research can be too, and it’s much more productive. With Obama my research question was “who certified that Barack Obama was eligible to be President of the United States of America”? Based on my research, the answer was “nobody” – crazy, huh? In this case, maybe the question should be “who sent the film project email to John Podesta?”. I’m a bit reluctant to proceed with this research, though, as it could clearly lead down a path in which my life and liberty could be put in jeopardy, which is something I’m not all that keen to do.
For the record, my name is Justin Wolsey Riggs. I’m a 37 year old, happy, healthy male. I was diagnosed with bipolar disease, but am compliant with my meds and have been for over a decade. I live a happy, productive life and those who I don’t tell I’m bipolar don’t know, because I manage my life well – married for 10 years, same job for two and a half, same job before that for several years. If I stop posting here suddenly, I would certainly be grateful if somebody followed up. My personal email address is juriggs@gmail.com.
Truth is truth, and to find it, all we have to do is care enough to ask the questions and live with the consequences. Don’t speculate; research"

Here's the screenshot of the IP lookup result. It can be found at: